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Yu-Be Deluxe Gift Set

Yu-Be Deluxe Gift Set


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A great gift for someone on the go! Comes wrapped in a re-usable Yu-Be tote bag (14"w x 11"t x 5"d). Includes Free Lip Balm, Free Heel Socks, Free Tote Bag and Free Shipping. This gift set has a total retail value OVER $107!

Deluxe Gift Set Includes:

  • (1) 1 fl. oz. Tube - Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream ($16)
  • (1) 2.2 fl. oz. Jar - Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream ($25)
  • (1) 10.25 fl. oz. Body Lotion ($29)
  • (1) 6.75 fl. oz. Foaming Skin Polish ($19)
  • (1) FREE Lip Balm $5 RETAIL VALUE!
  • (1 pr) FREE Heel & Elbow Socks: $13 RETAIL VALUE!
  • (1) FREE Yu-Be tote bag!
  • (1) FREE samples of all Yu-Be products!
  • FREE Shipping!
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