I have very sensitive skin with seasonal eczema and need a moisturizer that works better than the other ones I have now – without having to always resort to steroidal medicine. Thanks Yu-Be!

I have been using the “Original Formula Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream” for a while, and I am completely satisfied with the results! I have really enjoyed your product! It has made a big difference in my skin and all the problem dry spots are slowly going away….GREAT Product! Thank you!

I have turned all my friends on to Yu-Be. I call it “Botox in a Tube” for what it does for the fine lines around my lips and crows feet. Love love love!

I love the lotion and cream. My fiancé does as well. He gets very bad cracking on his hands and has become a regular user of Yu-Be to combat it! Thanks!

Every winter, my husband’s face get’s so dry and flaky. We’ve tried a ton of different moisturizers and Yu-Be is the only thing that works. And not just pretty well, it completely has ended his dry skin.

Hi , I was doing research because my 6 month old grandson has some very red inflamed skin patches on his precious little face on his legs and on his back. The Dr. just said he has excema and said to use cortizone cream , that did nothing at all to clear it up. So I took the matter into my own hands and did some research finding a site about your product. I took a chance out of despiration. Within the 1st day his little face has cleared up and the rest of the areas have greatly improved.I have also given it to my best friend who suffers terrible with severe dermatitis on both hand and she has gotten more relief than any other product she has ever tried, even prescriptions. I will be ordering more soon for others I know who I feel will benefit from this wonderful product, I’m so glad I found the site. Thanks so much

I am so grateful for this stuff – it has blessed my life and my sister’s life so much! Make sure that you tell people with atopic dermatitis (eczema) that Yu-Be is a lifesaver, because it doesn’t just seal the skin, it draws moisture into it, which seals the micro-cracks that cause all the itching and infection that results from eczema. Thank you again!

I bought a jar of Yu-Be while visiting Sedona, Arizona. I like it very much in dryer, colder climates. Our 4 year-old grandson was visiting from Denver, Colorado and arrived with a bright red ring around his mouth which was chapped skin from where he had formed a bad habit of licking his mouth. I pulled out the Yu-Be and within 24 hours it was greatly improved and by day two, it was completely cleared up. Thank you!

I have had really bad lips since early childhood. I have tried every kind of lip balm and treatment I could find. My doctor recommended some products but nothing ever really worked effectively. They’ve always been dry, peely, extremely flaky and sometimes chapped or split. I’ve never been able to wear lipstick because that absolutely infuriated my lips–they’d immediately react to the product and get irritated. Yu-Be cream has done for me what literally no product has done for me in my entire life. If my lips do get slightly dry, I just apply a little, wait a few seconds, wipe it off, and my lips are super smooth. They stay smooth and exfoliated all day. I can wear lipstick for the first time in my life which is weirdly exciting for me. I’ve been wearing it every day, all day at work after prepping with a little Yu Be and it wears wonderfully! I feel a lot prettier with lipstick and my lips aren’t constantly in pain thanks to your product. I have been so happy.

For my whole life I’ve had the most chapped lips ever. They’ve always been hard, peeling, and dry no matter how much I take care of them. It’s awful and I’m terribly self-conscious about it. I’ve never seen anyone with lips as consistently chapped as mine. I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to help. After receiving a sample from Birchbox i tried it out and my lips didn’t peel for an entire day. That’s the first time that’s ever happened to me. I seriously googled if this was alright to use for long periods of time because I thought it must be too good to be true. But it is true, I’ve been at it for a week and my lips have never felt this soft or even close. I even successfully wore lipstick for the first time! You’ve just gained yourself a customer for life. Wow. Thank you.

I was introduced to Yu-Be by my girlfriend. I had some severely chapped lips and she had a small tube in her purse. Worked a lot better to heal my lips than Chapstick, by far!

I just love your product! It’s a miracle how well and quickly it worked. I was suffering from psoriasis on the palm of my hand for 2 full years. It was so bad that it would crack and bleed. I couldn’t even clap my hands it hurt so much. I went to Dermatologists, Doctors, filled prescriptions for ointments and creams and nothing worked. A couple of weeks ago while visiting my sister (who also suffers from psoriasis) told me about your product and I ordered your product immediately. I am happy to tell you that I clap all the time now! LOL I believe in your product so much I would be happy to be a spokesperson.

I am so happy that I read about your product, I suffer from cracks in my hands all winter long and your product healed them so quickly. I have tried many lotions, prescription and over the counter and none have worked like Yu-Be.

A couple of years ago my hands were so dry they cracked at the corners of my thumbs. Someone gave me a dab of Yu-Be cream and overnight they were healed. I love this stuff, nothing I’ve ever seen works better.

Each winter, my hands become very dry to the point that they bleed. I was desperately trying to find something that would work when I came across the Yu-Be sample that I had received and gave it a shot. I have used numerous lotions and this one blows all the other ones out of the water. Even though it has been cold here this winter in Pennsylvania, the cream has helped to keep my skin moisturized and silky smooth. 🙂

I am forever looking for a moisturizer that actually works, so I bought Yu-Be and used it that night and loved the results! Because we live in the Sonoran Desert, we battle dry skin constantly and it was winter here as well when I made the purchase so my hands and cuticles were very dry and the cream made them softer, less chapped and cracked overnight! I love how it absorbs immediately and doesn’t feel greasy at all. Thanks!

Dear Yu-Be, It was winter and the skin on my fingertips my cuticles were cracked to the quick and hurting. I’d treat them and use bandages, but the skin would crack open again. After I began using Yu-Be, my fingertips and cuticles healed. Thank you for this excellent product!

I have very dry feet and decided to try it based on a recommendation from the sales clerk. It’s the only thing that works!!!! And I’ve tried many creams over the years.

I was a looking for a good moisturing cream and amongst Shisedo and Kanebo products….there Yu-Be cream was. I have used it religiously until I ran out. It’s wonderful for my complexion and is a fantastic primer prior to foundation. Make-up goes on more smoothly. Thank you for making such an amazing product.

One of my clients came in raving about your product. I thought I would give it a try to see if I would like to carry it in my salon. The samples were AWESOME! I have been using Yu-Be on my cuticles they have never looked better. I believe my clients will benifit from your product as well. Thanks!

Helped heal a scar after surgery. I love your cream. It is soothing, moisturizing and even helped heal a scar after surgery. I really am a believer in your product. Thank you.

Thanks Yu-Be. I was looking on line for a treatment for eczema and your website popped up. I read about Yu-Be and decided to try it. I am really glad I did, it has helped me a great deal in just a few days. I have very dry skin and I itch a lot, I put the cream on my hands and arms first and it was wonderful. Now my husband puts it on my back and I have gotten a lot of relief from itching. Thanks for such a wonderful product!

Another customer saw how bad the eczema on my hands was and she gave me a sample tube to use; obviously I was sold. I would gladly be a local salesperson for your company because everyone who knows me, knows that my hands used to crack and bleed from chronic eczema and thanks to your product they no longer do. I was even using prescriptions such as clobetasol which is a steroid creme and even it didn’t help my hands like Yu-Be did. Thank you for making a wonderful product!

I first used Yu-Be for my hands, now use it for my face daily also. My curling iron fell on my neck and burn it. I had no burn cream so I used Yu-Be on it, and it took away the pain, worked wonders. Also my granddaughter was had a bad sunburn from the beach and could not sleep. I used Yu-Be on her sunburn and she was relieved instantly. She now has a jar a home. This is a wonderful product! Thank you so much for the discovery and making of this product.

I have psoriasis really bad and it helps! Thank you!

I was on a quest to find something that worked for my husband’s horrible eczema. It truly has been miraculous. This is coming from a woman that has bought all the eczema “remedies” for my husband to try. Yu-Be is the only remedy that has actually made a real difference. Thank you!

Yu-Be helped my dry feet and hands very much. I especially get more dry since I have diabetes. It also last longer. Thanks!

I absolutely love the product. It has cured the eczema on my hands that’s been there for years. Thank you

After menopause, my skin changed. It seemed more dry and prone to lines. I’m fair and my skin is sensitive, so I can’t use most products. I remembered I had a tube of Yu-Be cream and began to use it. It was exactly what my dry sensitive skin needed. Most creams do nothing. Yu-Be is amazing. When women get older, the skin on their upper lips get a little prune-like. Yu-Be is strong enough to dramatically change the appearance of those fine lines. I love the texture of this cream. It’s not timid. It’s there to do its job. I have used it for several years now. I am so glad I found it. I could go on…I love this product and I tell everyone about it!

Yu-Be is the best! When I had shingles on my face, it was the only thing that gave me any relief from the terrible pain and itchiness. If it can help with that, ordinary dry skin presents no challenge whatever. Thanks!

I burned my neck (rather bad) with a curling iron mishap, it blistered up and was very sore. I used your cream on it every day till it was healed and there is no scar or mark to be seen. I honestly feel that the outcome would not have been as successful with another cream. Thank you

My daughter has severe seasonal dermatitis and this product is helping her this winter. Thank u!

I have eczema on my hands and have tried many, many cortisone creams. I found when it was really bad, I would use a little Yu-Be cream and was always amazed how quickly it would clear up. My husband has problems with the skin on the tips of his fingers splitting in the cold weather. I had him try the cream and he too was amazed with the results. We are believers in this product! Thank you!


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